Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 1 New Nursery

Relieved that AIR didn’t kick up a fuss and actually did enjoy himself at the new place. As I left yesterday, he cried a little (normal, to me) and was fine the whole day, according to the sitter.

When I went to fetch him in the evening, I drove further on to make a U-turn then parked right in front of the house. Before even I got out of the car, he was already jumping up and down, holding on to the grill, wanting to come out, recognizing the car. It was quite difficult to compare the emotions then because usually he’s happy to go back.

Funny thing was, it was as though he knew we were going to see his grandma, and he kept saying 'Ah Ma!' (that's grandma in Hokkien) repeatedly throughout the journey from the new place to One Utama.

And this morning, he was happy, as we arrived at the house. Am taking this as a good sign, so far. There were more kids his age in the evening than in the morning.


isabelle said...

he must have enjoyed himself so much. mesti lega hati u.

reitak said...

yup, mmg lega...:)