Tuesday, June 15, 2010


That's my brekkie this morning. The supposedly 'original chang' but for RM2, I guess it's Hainan relative is more worth it (@RM5+ for 2 with 2 pcs chicken, 1 whole shitake mushroom, 1 salted egg yolk and lots more dried shrimps).

What's inside? I forgot to take pic laaaa, but there's only half a shitake mushroom (the ones that are dried and then soak in water before cooking) and one piece (miserable piece, if I may add) of chicken and some dried shrimps. Somehow the chicken in this is better than the Hainan one, though they look the same and are from the same manufacturer. The latter seemed to have more errmm msg taste.

Neways, this was the closest frozen chang I could find. But oh well, unless mum decides to be rajin (well, I overheard a convesation between her and my aunties wanting to make some this year), beggars can't be choosers and I will have to just make do with this.

Fong, if that happens, I'll reserve some for you ;p

I do miss Ah Ma's 'action-packed' chang and all the other varients which she used to make......

Oh maybe mum can make Lor Mai Kai after my confinement? ;p kekeke

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Fong said...

hehe.. nak order ble?? mesti u forgot to take pic while eating,till all is gone.. hehe..