Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We're going to the Zoo!

That was where the lil' one and his dad went when I was at site in Bagan Serai.

Apparently he enjoyed himself, though they didn't manage to explore the whole place as my work didn't take too long. Sweaty and tired and drained off all his energy after that.

Too bad I couldn't be there. Perhaps in another year's time, then there'll be two and they'll both enjoy themselves more :)


isabelle said...

u shud really go there. zoo tepeng is better than zoo negara, i reckon.

Fong said...

cool.. he made d lion sound tak??

reitak said...

Is, yup but I was there like 10 yrs back...still waaay better then Zoo Negara :P

Fong, yup, think so, but it was not even when he saw the lion :)