Friday, June 11, 2010

Critical Illness

Of all times, it had to choose now to fall ill. Critically ill. Erm, this one no critical illness plan on any insurance. CRAP!

OK, I was just refering to the faithful was 'coughing' and sometimes 'dying off' while driving. That was on Monday and it didn't get any better. So instead of our regular mechanic who was repairing it on Tues and Thurs, today it went to its authorized service centre. And guess what?? It's gonna cost us a BOMB! As expensive as AIR's delivery, in the 4-digit range, if we choose to do ALL that was suggested.

So, after looking at the essentials, it's half of that, but still 4-digits. But still...why now?

Thank God WQF is still young and healthy. I hope it'll stay that's gonna be 3 years next month. Looks like I'm gonna have 2 July babies, then....kekeke


isabelle said...

i cant imagine if i suddenly have this kinda critical illness too. aiyooo!!! pening.
but last nite, i think my camera is not working well la. huhu

reitak said...

Tu ler...pening lah... arrrgh!

Drama Mama said...

takpa...nanti kot2 ada rezeki datang dari sumber yang tidak disangka. insyaAllah. :-)

reitak said...

Drama MAma, insyaAllah... :)