Friday, April 3, 2009


First it was seafood spaghetti, then it was noodles and then it was fish head curry. I'm impressed at my own ability to be able to juggle cooking and baby at home after work, out of which those 3 times were days when hubby was not back yet when I was home. 3 out of 5 is quite good I suppose. hehehe (no, no its not self praise).

It is indeed tiring at times. It's a relieve when baby goes to bed but then after that I somehow feel that I didn't spend enough time with him.

Looking back, 11 weeks ago and reminiscing at how it all began. The journey was indeed sweet. It's funny how people complain about the 'aftermath', but mine seem as uneventful as my pregnancy.

I never vommited or experienced nausea throughout my 39.5 weeks. It was as though I was normal. Only thing that 'confirmed' I was pregnant was that growing tummy and that out-of-breath experience when climbing stairs and if I walk up slopes. And of course the huge appetite I had and occasional cravings.

My post delivery sore butt didn't last more than 2 days. I only consumed the painkiller tablets twice, though I think I was given 3 times a day. And that was it. My take-home prescription is still untouched. And my stitches healed very fast. However, only problem was constipation due to the herbal and heaty food that I consumed throughout confinement. I was also lactating almost immediately - when baby was brought in for his first feed about 4 hours later, there was colostrum.

I wasn't THAT zombied and I got my 'rhythm' tuned to baby after about 2 weeks. I think my eyebags were there la but even normal days when I lack sleep also it appears.

ONLY problem was that the fact that I wasn't allowed to bathe or wash my hair was indeed a stinking experience. It was horrible!! Just before 2 weeks (that's supposedly when I get my 1st bath) I pleaded to my mum to let me bathe cos it was almost Chinese New Year. SO finally I got my 1st bath - herbal bath. hehehe wat a relieve. It was so much easier to sleep at night. And my next bath is only due in another 2 weeks. For someone who perspires easily even during normal times, it was a horrific 1 month not being able to shower. Serious. My hair was always tied up, and constantly 'wet' due to my sweat. Terrible smelly experience. Finally sometime durin my 3rd week or so, mum asked me to wash my hair. Wash without getting water on my shoulders or upper body. Similar to washing at the saloon. And so I did. Gosh, it was a REAL relief.

Post delivery, I was taken aback to find that I still had a 'tummy' which made me look like I was about 4 months pregnant. I was worried how to loose this 'tummy'. Thankfully, after 2 urut sessions, it was gone! Yahoo! After 3 sessions, I was slimmer than before. Serious. No tummy at all. I was thrilled. I was being fed 3 meals with lots of food each time and yet I didn't have that tummy anymore. Waaaaah, happy!

After about 2 weeks plus I just couldn't wait for the 1 month to pass so that I can fill my stomach with nonsense again and get out of the house. Being coupped up wasn't fun. Everyday it was TV, TV and more TV. I couldn't really read though I wanted too cos I was constantly disrupted by baby. I stocked up on books and other reading materials in preparation, but I think I managed only 30%.

Seriously, I'm beginning to enjoy the joys of motherhood. Though during the first 2 weeks I kept thinking to myself how I was going to get through all these. It helped that mum was around for the first 5 weeks and hubby was great around the house eversince. And for the first 4 weeks, I wasn't allowed to do anything. Hah, that was the best part!

On the 6th week, when it was just hubby, baby and I, it was another totally new experience. However, I managed to juggle baby, housework and even doing some errands. Work started and somehow it was ok too. It's work, housework and baby. I guess at times I do think that it does make things easier if there's another person around in the house, but then again, that would mean that I won't be spending as much time as I am now with baby.

Now, it's just the 3 of us and we spend every waking hour together (other than office hours la). Though at times I do wish baby would sleep longer. During weekends, baby will be out with us. We'll go out as before shopping, window shopping or just galavanting la, sometimes for a whole day. Only thing we're not able to do - go for a movie together! Perhaps when he's slightly older. Have to train him. He's got parents who love going for movies.

I can't wait to see more progress in baby. This morning it looked like baby was trying to turn over. Can't wait for him to be able to walk or crawl and create a havoc in my house! :D


Fong said...

being mother is not easy ya... hats off to u..

p/s: order spaget seafood se...

reitak said...

thanks! :)

spagethi seafood? mai la, next time i cook for u...:)