Friday, April 17, 2009


Two weeks back I realised that almost everytime I went looking for fresh food (perishables) at my usual hypermarket, I end up dissapointed. It's always understocked. Vege - sometimes not refilled, seafood - also the same. Fruits - I once went two days in a row and on both times the same thing was still not refilled. I used to think sometimes its because I go on weekend night and hence none left. On weekdays it is also the same. Once I went late morning, and it was disspointingly the same. SO, when do these people restock the shelves?

Is this place selling stuff so cheap that it's always gone from the shelves? I don't think so, but perhaps its the one with most variety of other shops within its vicinity that makes it attractive. But the fact is I don't only go during weekends.

And their weekly or daily specials are always not re-stocked. 2 weeks and it's still as empty as it was on the first day of the promotion.

I'm having second thoughts on shopping here. I still do shop at other hypermarts for some of my groceries, because different places have different variety and brands of products. I still do almost 90% of my shopping here, but now I try to shop for the perishables from the weekly pasar malam (night market) instead. Much cheaper.

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