Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It felt good...

Yahoo! I did it today! Yes, finally.

When I was in the lift, I think people did give me some weird stares. Everyone else were dressed in work-outfits but here I was standing in jogging outfit. At 640am, it was still relatively dark, but there was traffic and people around and street lights kept me company. So I felt safe.

And so I did about 20mins again this time, but I didn’t feel as tired as the last attempt. OK la, miserable 20mins, but I'm making progress...I’m still trying to figure out why. Maybe more flats. Maybe I was running slower. Dunno, but I think I made progress la. Another attempt tomorrow. Yippee! I felt energized again. I felt like before...full of energy again early in the morning! But too bad I was restricted to only 20mins. Perhaps I shall start earlier tomorrow.

As I stepped into the room, both father & son seemed to be in the position I left them in before. Haha..then as I approached the bed, suddenly AIR looked up at me wide-eyed. I was surprised. So I ‘chatted’ with him, while I was resting before sending him to the nursery. However, he decided otherwise. He wanted to poop. Hehehe

When I checked with hubby, apparently he was already awake just before I got home. But didn’t fuss. Good.

So the trip to the nursery was postponed till when I leave for work.

And maybe tomorrow I’ll try something new.

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