Thursday, April 16, 2009


Something's happening - I'm not a papaya-fan. I dislike the taste of papaya, much worse if when its tasteless. THEN something happened. I discovered half-ripen papayas.

A : You should take papaya soup. Cook unripe or half ripe papayas with chicken, like how you normally
cook your chicken soup la.
R: Oh, I see. OK will try. Thanks.

That was the petua to help increase breast milk supply for breastfeeding mums.

And after 5 weeks of mum cooking the papaya soup for me, now (err, bout 7 weeks ago) I've got to do it myself. It wasn't too bad. Turned out ok. And it was after that 5 weeks, that somehow I've developed a liking for half-ripe papayas. Sweet and crunchy. If not sweet enough, nevermind. Still crunchy.
Now that sometimes I don't have time to make the soup, (when I have time, I always forget) I will just eat the half-ripe papaya as it is.


And that dish up there was what I had for lunch today. Main ingredient - unripe papaya. There you go!

It came with lots of roasted peanuts on top. But I only take peanut as a snack and I don't like it on my food. So I finished the peanuts one by one first. hehe Then there was the slightly sweetened fried ikan bilis at the side. I also don't like this to mix with my food, but I decided against eating it first. Luckily. The somtam was spicy cos the lady asked me if 2 cili padi is ok, so I said ok. And almost halfway through, it set in - pedas!! I didn't order any drinks so to kill the spiciness, I took the sweet ikan bilis. Phewww! (opps the ikan bilis is on the other side of the plate)
But it was yummy, despite the fact that it was very spicy towards the end. I suppose can ask the lady to not put the chillis at all. Can go for another round.
I've totally banned the food at the cafe downstairs already. First it was exorbitant. Then the prices got adjusted and it was ok. So I thought i'll give it another chance. It's a hassle driving out for lunch everyday and trying to decide what I should eat. But now, I can't take it anymore. Everyday the meat dishes are pathetic. And the vegies are not much better. Maybe they changed the cook. And the fruits - pathetic! So there goes. Guess I'll either have to tapau or drive out.

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Fong said...

ye ker papaya soup?? i tot i saw in movie, papaya milk increase breast size...