Monday, April 13, 2009


My plan for the weekend to run/jog in the morning again didn't materialise. Blame it on the rain! hehe Both days I woke up early enough, about 7am and realised it was raining/drizzling so since baby was still asleep I decided to cash-in on it too.

And today (Monday) was also the same. It was drizzling. CRAP! When will IT happen then?

Over the weekend, some friends would've swam 6.5km from Pulau KApas to MArang (mainland) across the South China Sea. And some would have ran at least 11km in the Orange Run at The Curve. I'm so jealous. 3 years ago, I was one of those who attempted the 6.5km swim. And it was a good experience. The strong current, the clear blue waters and the un-seen bouys which were supposed to mark ur journey makes it all more challenging. I would love to try it again, if I have the chance.

But for now, back to reality!! My first swim in ages, would happen this saturday! Yay! Finally!! I'm so excited. It was either I cycle or I swim. I think I have a better chance of not giving up (or tyre puncture) if i swim, so swim I shall.

Anybody? Shah Alam pool?

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