Thursday, April 23, 2009


Yellow light (from bulbs) is supposed to be better than those white light (from flourscent lights), esp for the eyes.

My office uses 'yellow lights' and its really nice. I like the atmosphere it creates. HOwever, sometime last year, our office expanded and the new area uses flourescent lights. NOt a problem to adjust to it. BUt it feels like any other place la. Feel like an office. NOrmal office.

Then, 2 days ago, my boss told the few of us at the new area to move back to our previous seats. So we did. And now I get to enjoy the yellow lights again. Unfortunately I'm having a tough time adjusting to it. Yesterday was ok as I wasn't all the time at my seat. Today, trying to read and do some calculations on white coloured paper, proved difficult. I've got to take short breaks in between. hmmmm

Tired eyes... no likey...from PC to book, I suddenly get this glare starring back at me. arrrrgh

I need a break! :)

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