Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've always had the impression that Astro, yeah our paid-TV, is easy to install. I didn't know that its dish (outdoor unit, to be technically correct, DTU), has to face a certain direction...until last Saturday.

So, we're now all geared to watch Astro after the guys come and install it at our new place. TV and everything else in place. And when the guy came, his first reaction was, 'Alamak, rumah kat belakang ni ke?' i.e. your house is not facing the 'right' direction. Oops!

Errr, so how?

Option 1 - we place the DTU at the supposedly 'strategic' location and wire it back to the house. Long cable, poor signal, so need to add booster. (Hmm, i'm expecting this to be very costly too)
Option 2 - looking upwards from my balcony I saw 2 units which had the DTUs on a 7" extension (arm). So I wanted to use that also. OK, they'll call when the 'arm' is available. Shorter distance, better quality, no need booster, price is slightly cheaper, RM170 (as I expect) or almost the same as Option 1.

So, the day came and everyone was prepared to have the DTU installed from the balcony, outside the 3rd room. Installation took only about 15 minutes. Setting and searching for the signal - after half an hour, almost, nothing...still below the 60% mark. SO looks like Option 2 has failed.

hmmmm guess if we really want to watch PAID TV, then Option 1 it has to be. Aiya.....

So off they went to work again, after charges were discussed.

Finally, after completion, we've now got a 55+metre cable from the DTU to our decoder. And the charges? More expensive than that 'arm'.....What to do....

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