Friday, April 17, 2009

Kari Mee (said with the Penang Hokkien accent)

Curry Mee - where?

OPps! I only remembered and managed to take the photo after I've devoured it. I was famished. When it came, although I was toying with my phone, I totally forgot to take a pic. And it was delicious. Or so I thought, to my tastebuds la.

My take on this - it was at this shop Papa-something in Bandar Puteri Puchong. Lots and lots of si-ham (cockles), generously thick and large slices of fish cake, large chunks of tau-fo-pok (small cube-like bean curd), some fu-chok (bean curd skin) and some chicken, topped with alot of mint leaves. Mum would love this.

Value for money - this is a larger and more hearty portion than that you can get at Chicken Rice Shop (Curry Laksa). They are both the SAME price at these two places. If you love si-ham, you'll prefer the one here. If you're a chicken-person, then this is not for you. The one in Old Town White Coffee, though RM1 cheaper, is much smaller in portion and less topping.

My soya bean with cincau and gula melaka - tak sempat take photo. Does not look good when finished either. kekeke

I still can't find an authentic Penang Curry Mee here. The closest one I got to was at Little Penang Cafe in The Curve, but it wasn't that tasty. Only the chilly paste that came with it was authentic.

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Fong said...

huhu, mane mee nye? nasib baik mangkuk ade lg...