Friday, April 10, 2009

Bad Habit

Before this, whenever I'm in the car, I always had my seat belt fastened.

Then approximately 4 months into my pregnancy, hubby told me that pregnant women are exempted from wearing seat belt. My tummy was still small so it wasn't getting tight or in my way yet - the seat belt I mean.

Then about 1 month later, tummy still small, I got stopped by the police at a road block near my office. I had renewed my roadtax but i didn't stick it on my windscreen yet. Only when I see police, then I prompty place it on my dashboard. Anyway, after 'advising' me to stick it on my windscreen, he suddenly asked me this

Cop : Pn. mengandung ke?

I was taken by surprise. I was thinking to myself, 'How he knew and why he called me Puan, ha?'

Me : Errrr ya Encik. Kenapa?

Cop : Mengandung tak payah pakai seat belt. Kesian kat baby kat dalam tu.
Ketat. Terpenyet. Tak payah pakai. Buka la seat belt tu.

Me : Oh, ok.

And I was about to get ready to drive away, but still haven't taken off my seat belt yet.

Cop : Eh, buka la seat belt tu. Cepat. Kesian baby tu.

Surprised at his persistency, so I pun quickly released my seat belt, said my thanks, smiled and left.

And that was the start of my no-seat-belt-in-car. Somehow, being so used to it, I still do put it on whenever I'm in the car. Even when my tummy grew bigger and bigger but I still somehow forget.

Now that I'm supposed to have 'outgrown' this previlege, I find that it's so convenient NOT to wear the seat belt. Opps! And I always forget that I should wear it. So now I know my excuse if a cop pulls me over.

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Fong said...

haha.. ade ke baby terpenyet... klako cop tu...