Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Not as Easy....

It's funny how easy I thought it would be. Set your mind and schedule, wake up and do it. That's all. Previously, that is. Now, I have another factor to add - AIR. Yes!! And seems like now the additional factor is not as predictable as I thought it would be.

Today I made an effort to wake up extra early just for that short run. However, after brushing my teeth, I walked out of the toilet/bath to see AIR starring at me eyes wide open. Gosh, 'shouldn't he be still fast asleep at this time?' thinking to myself....guess not. And then I thought my plans may have to be delayed...but soon after, he started to 'chat' and that's a sign that he's not going to go back to sleep anymore. Guess my plans are now shelved. hehehe

So chatting it was, and then came poopoo....and more chatting. Soon, it was time to send him to the nursery. And since i didn't get to jog, so I walked there with him. He enjoyed the short walk, looking all around him...and enjoying the attention people give him along the way. He used to love to smile at people, now he's quite selective. I suppose he's begining to recognise people slowly.

Our impromptu trip back to hubby's kg (that was his first long road trip) was indeed an eye-opener to him. He saw chickens running around, lots of cats and kittens and he was trying to immitate the cock crowing. It sounded like he was trying to poopoo...And after a whole day of making that sound...he's still doing it now.

He may soon have another new experience....we may be flying back soon.

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