Friday, April 17, 2009

Smoke Gets in My Eyes...

Its so annoying. Tak paham ke these people? You are already given a place to smoke, it's your choice to kill yourself faster and yet you want to take others along with you.

In the section where I'm in, only 1 person out of the 5 there smokes. So Mr A either smokes in the boss' room, or in the toilet. The toilet area is separated by another door. But everytime Mr A ligths up the stick there, finishes it and when he comes out of the area, he always leaves the common door ajar. Hence, the smell still penetrates to the rest of us. And we have to share his desire to die faster. Arrrgh I can't stand it.

He wasn't like this previously. HOw come now he just doesn't shut the door properly after him? Weird. Now it's everytime he goes in. Jeez!

My headache cum hunger (err I dunno if its a headache or I'm tired or dunno what) makes me even less tolerable to all that S*@#!!!!

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