Monday, April 20, 2009


And so it finally materialised - 7am on Saturday (that was 2 days ago) and I was off. I walked abit downhill. Aiyo, the slope steep la, I need to take good care of my poor knees in my maiden attempt. hehe and so I ran and ran and ran for a good 2o mins, down the slope through abit of flats and the return was backtracking my way back.

Somehow the flats weren't as flat, they were mild slopes too. Hah, so it was almost upwards all the way back. 20 mins only, so I wasn't drenched in sweat yet. And I felt like I was just warmed up and ready to go slightly more, but I had other things to do. So its a good sign that I did 20mins without much difficulty.

Sunday didn't happen and neither did today.

I read in The Star on Saturday about Mat Rempits' harrassment and robbery cases and it got me thinking. One was just in TTDI, not that far from where I am. And both were pre-dawn and dawn incidences. Lady accompanying her son at the bus stop was harrassed and robbed off her jewellery by 40 Mat Rempits on 20 motorbikes, thank God not injured. Another case in Sentul of a man on the way back from work answering a phone call by the roadside on his motorbike was beaten and robbed of his phone and cash, also by some 10-20 ppl on motorbikes.

My place seems ok when there's light, but before 7am - I wasn't too sure. So I woke up early enough to check out the lighting at my area and to see if nature would have lit up by then. So tomorrow before 7 am I should be up, out and running.

Fingers crossed - tomorrow will be the start of a routine which I shall stick to! :)

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