Thursday, April 30, 2009

I have come to accept the fact that morning runs/training will be almost impossible.

AIR woke up even before 6am. Initially I thought he wanted milk. BUt no, all he wanted to do was chat and chat. And he started to chatter to himself at first, but of couse subsequently dear mummy would have to entertain la. So I gave up trying to feed him milk and just entertained him. And after that started, I knew this was not going to end soon. If he was hungry, he'll fall asleep again while being fed, but no, not when he talks to you and his eyes looking at you, wide open. So I thought I shall postpone my run.

We went on and on and on and then I realised - I have to cancel it again. Yup...there goes my run. CAn u imagine - right from almost 6am thru to about 705 am, we were talking and cooing and making all sorts of sounds. Yesterday was the 1st time I actually heard him squeal in delight...

Hubby was going to drive on a long journey, so I didn't expect him to entertain AIR. He needed the rest after a terrible tummy ordeal the night before. So, there goes another attempt...

Now you know why I can't wait for AIR to walk...I can take him further with me. My morning walk to the nursery with him, albeit uphill all the way, is just too short to do any good. I wonder if I can get ant milleage over this weekend?


I expect a weekend of a lot of window shopping with mum and alot of makan2.

Enjoy the long weekend, folks!

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