Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time flies?

Suddenly it seems as though time is NOT flying by...

I keep counting the weeks n months and I seem to be stuck at telling people baby is 2.5months old. Seems like its forever stuck at that figure. How come 2 months went by so fast but it seems like its stuck at 2.5months for eons. Hmmm....

Guess I just can't wait to see more progress in my baby. I suppose. Now he goos and gaas and makes sounds when u talk or sing to him, as if trying to communicate. He also smiles and reacts when he likes it and is happy. Unfortunately, he's quite difficult to put to sleep at night. He takes forever to go to sleep. Sometimes he has fallen asleep but suddenly he will wake up 30mins later and looks at you wide-eyed. He is still sleepy but will refuse to go to sleep. Then the whole process starts again.

On weekdays it seems like the time spent with baby is short. Cos by the time I get home from work, baby may still be asleep and that's when I do the house chores or cook. Then he gets up for his feed and for the next 1-2 hours or sometimes 3 hours will be the only time I get to 'play' with him. Other times, I'll be juggling trying to get him to sleep quickly so I can shower and have dinner. That's when I wish baby would quickly sleep.

It's funny right?

Gone are the days when I get home and can straight away shower and then have dinner. Now this will happen only if hubby is home.

I guess it's all in the name of parenthood.

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