Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Sushi King has it's promo of RM2 for all the rice-based sushi on the kaiten belt. And so for the 1st time, we went. To avoid the expected long queue, we went early and yup, we WERE early. Hardly anyone yet, the belt was always full.

We ate and ate and ate non-stop. Then we also ordered some ala-carte dishes - unagi kabayaki, shishamo and fresh scallops. It was really yummy! After we had our fill, about 15 plates of sakes, smoked salmons, scallops and octopus tentacles and ebiko plus the ala carte, it only cost us RM53. Gosh! Can do that again! hehe *greedy greedy* (forgot to take pics cos too busy scanning the belt for food) haha

And it was weird - as we sat down to order our drinks, suddenly someone approached me and called out my name - he looked familiar but isn't he based in UK? so I just couldn't bring myself to say his name when he asked if i knew who he was. Then he revealed that he was back for a short trip only. ahhh...that figures. FUnny eh, now with FB in existance, he not only could recognise me (otherwise, with all the transformation, he wouldn't), he also remembered that I had AIR. Ah Nygen (alamak, sorry la, that's what we call u right?) have a safe trip back to UK and hope to bump into you again! :) it's almost 13 years since the last we met, when we were still studying in UK.

And then looking back at our previous trip to Sushi King, which was last week, it was a totally diff experience. We met someone we both knew. But with my trasformation, and although he was also in FB, (guess he's busy la), and the fact that the last we met was only 3 yrs ago, he couldn't recognise me and only spoke to hubby. It was totally weird. I said hi to him, but he was looking beyond me, to my hubby behind. And they had a short chat. Then it occurred to me that he didn't recognise me. hahaha (he must be thinking - who that perasan person is...hahaha)

And so - my run didn't hapen this morning either cos I was abit delayed in sending AIR. He pooped! :D Opps! I forgot to put my running gear in the car, in case I can squeeze in one in the evening. SO there goes....

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