Thursday, April 30, 2009

Photo Printing Online

Have you ever come across online photo printing services? It's very popular overseas but rather new here. All you have to do it - upload your photos online, fill in your personal details (for the delivery services) and then walla! the photos will arrive at your doorstep within 2-7 days...depending on where you live..

I chanced upon this site - eoe online while browsing online for some other things. It's an online store offerring online photo printing, digital camera shopping (new and second hand too), online photo storage for sharring and personal as well as photography related competitions. I got hooked. And now, there's a promotion going on. It's only RM0.30 per 4R print or RM0.50 per 5R print. You can even edit/enhance your photos with their online services before printing.

Anyhoo...I'm loving it. Serious. e-Print is so easy. You upload your photos into an album of your choice, create one if you must. But of course before that, sign in and register first la...After uploading your photos, you can choose to enhance your photos. Then select those that you want to print, and the sizes of your choice. Then load then into your purchase cart. Like any other online shopping portals, you can choose to delete or change and of your orders.

ONce you are a member, upon checking out your shopping cart, your delivery details are automatically filled up. Change if necessary. If you choose to want to deliver the photos to another person or address, fill up the related form given. Check that all are good and proceed to make payments. Payments can be made via credit card (Master/Visa), debit card (Maybank 2U) or bank-in. Once confirmed, i.e payment made in full, if you are in Klang Valley, your photos will arrive at your doorstep in 2-3 days. You can always track your order anytime...check your order status under 'My Shopping'.

For orders above RM35.00, delivery will be free for all areas within Malaysia. Otherwise it will be charged. Delivery rates within Malaysia and Singapore and International differs.

So, why wait! It's the best offer you can get without getting out of the door.

I've tried it and I can take my time and cater to my whims and fancies while choosing which prints I want and change my mind every now and then. I don't have to prepare everything before hand and then go out and look for the shop, parking spot and then hurriedly get it over with.

Photo printing has never been easier with eoe online e-Print. Save time, save money and save all the hassle.

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