Monday, April 6, 2009


Yesterday evening I was already having a plan and a mental picture playing in my head. I was strategizing how and what time should I start my jog today, where should I run/jog to and for how long.'training'.again.

By 10pm, my hopes were dashed! There was no water supply. Checked with some friends in that area and some have but some didn't so we were confident it was the usual pump problem which affected certain units/sections of the block.

So, since it was already late at night, almost midnight, I was quite sure there was no way this problem was going to be rectified in time and so my jog/run has to be postponed. Hopes dashed! Spirits died down.

And the worst was yet to come. (little did we/I know there was going to be worse news)

At slightly pass 7am, when I reached the babysitter's I was promptly asked:

BS: Akak, rumah akak ada air tak?

Sleepy Mum: Huh? Takde la, dari semalam. Kenapa?

BS: Sini baru je takde. Semalam ok lagi. Takde bagi notice ape-ape pun. (referring to a previous water cut, when residents were notified)

Sleepy Mum: Oh yeke? Alamak. (Already worried about baby's feeding and was jolted awake by that statement)

BS: Takpa la. Nanti kalau MBPJ hantar air dalam tangki, kita pergi ambik je la.

Sleepy Mum: OK la, arap-arap ni tak lama la.

Stunned sleepy mum was worried but still rather blur. All I could think of was how happy AIR was the whole morning (a short 20 minutes from the time he was carried off the bed till he reached the babysitter's) . He was smilling and laughing to the other residents in the lift. And now, his mum is helpless in this water issue.

There was a notice at babysitter's block saying that water has been cut few days ago at the low-cost blocks (A&B) and hence there maybe water cut for the other blocks. OMG!

Went home and told hubby the problem. 10mins later I changed, packed wet wipes, hot water and 1 bottle of mineral water and sent them to the babysitter's on my way out to work. No bath - nevermind. Just make sure he gets his milk.

Gosh I hope this is just temporary. I dread if it's gonna last.

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