Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby's long weekend

The long weekend was indeed full of events. More or less...

TO start, on Thursday, right after work, I had to go home, fetch baby and then go to aunt's place, i.e. Puchong - Damansara - Subang...not an ideal travelling route during peak hours. And my goodness, from Puchong to Damansara was ok, my usual route...but from Damansara to Subang was horrendous. Getting out of Damansara, that it. I chose to use the NKVE, to avoid the already jammed LDP, but just to get to the toll, it was horrible. Thank God at that time baby was asleep, but it didn't last long enough. By the time I reached the toll, he was awake. Luckily, on NKVE, it wasn't jammed.

I had to pull over after the subang toll. Stopped at the petrol station to bfeed him. It's no help to mention that with a cough and running nose, being hungry and wanting lots of hugs and cuddles is the only comfort.

After that, journey continues. Unfortunately, by the time I reached USJ 2, he decided that he wanted more cuddles and attention then the occasional patting and comforting words from afar. He kept on crying. I was at wits end. So, I had to carry him on one hand. Thank God I was driving an auto car.

Upon reaching Aunt's place, got down and into the house, and mum decided to carry him. Aunt decided to humour him by chatting with him, and almost instantly he stopped. Gosh. What a relief.

So before the long weekend starts, I decided to get him to another paed and try to get him better.

This clinic in Taipan seemed pretty popular. Lots of babies. After Dr listened to what we had to say, and he looked at him and heard him, suddenly he said that baby may have a very mild asthma. that got us (mum & i) by surprise. SO dr told us to check if both our sides had any asthma history. My side - checked - nill. Hubby's side, later he confirmed nill. Thank God, so this is only a first occurance and would not recur. IF there is an asthma history, it will recur. So this Dr then taught us to do a self-check on baby to monitor if his so-called astma is occuring. So far - no.

And that night....he wasn't sleeping so well. The blocked nose made it uncomfortable for him. Poor baby.

The next day was better. Lots of shopping and time spent in the stroller and shopping complex for him over the weekend...

TOday - still lots of phlegm but nose became more runny...hmmmm hope he gets better soon...

Today was also one of the rare days where he was still sleeping when i wanted to send him to the nursery. But when I attempted to carry him, he woke up and was so cheerful and just wanted some attention. My heart just melted and his smile and had to delay sending him....

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