Monday, May 25, 2009

18th Week

Tiring weekend.

I'm amazed..I always thought physical tiredness is more tiring than emotional/mental tiredness, but i guess I'm wrong. I'm drained. Though hubby did a great job albeit the lack of sleep, moving all on his own on friday with of course the help of the movers and the lorry, I just couldn't be of much help at all. AIR needed to be attended to.

I think it was easier running 21km than tending to AIR for 4-5hours on saturday. I told hubby to go ahead with what he had to do, and I will try my best to unpack and tend to AIR while he's gone. After 4 hours, all I did was iron my kebaya top and 1 small load of laundry. Aiyo...AIR was in a please-don't-get-out-of -my-sight mood.

At about 4-ish when hubby got back, he saw the hall still cluttered and he knew I just couldn't break away from AIR. hehehe all he did was 2x30mins nap. And what can you accomplish in 30mins? Practically nothing. I felt bad leaving so many things to hubby.

So last night, finally when AIR was fast asleep, I did my portion of unpakcing and rearranging some small stuff. That too, took ages and my feet were tired..hahaha 21km in proper running shoes IS easier...we're both now suffering aching feet cos of walking around too much packing and unpakcing.

BUt to end the day of the week (ok, not literaly end la, cos this was in the evening), we took AIR for a dip in the pool and it was also mummy's 1st dip in I think more than 1.5years. AIR took sometime to realise what was going on around him and then he enjoyed paddling around in the water. Only a short dip as it was evening already and we didn't want him to get a chill. SO his 1st water experience at 4 months 10days old. Mummy forgot the goggles so it was just breast-stroke for 1 lap and that was it.

NOw I have something to do tonight...swim!! Yipee!!
I'm so looking forward to it.
And that lil' gym at our new place has 2 treadmills, 1 stationary bike and 1 multi-station. OK crowd..BUT they close at 9pm...hmmm...nvrmnd, I'll see what can be done after AIR goes to bed!

OK, OK back to the actual story - yeah, abit more unpacking...and u know what, abit more to cart over from the old place though. hahaha, so can u imagine the amount of things we have?? The movers were smart enough to bring a 5ton lorry instead of the 3ton we booked. PLus they had really efficient workers and really did well in arranging them on the lorry. Imagine, a 5 ton lorry packed to the brim, and we thought 3 ton was enough. AIyo...and it took them 3 people to carry the piano...which was really heavy.

And so it's the start of a new 'journey' for all of us.

We had our 1st visitor too - yesterday, AIR's babysitter came over. She missed AIR so much, that she was willing to come all the way from DAmansara to Cheras to visit him...awwwww..... so touched....

MOre to come!!

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