Thursday, May 7, 2009

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Letih I dengar makcik tu bebel everyday. Almost everyday if she's around, keje dia is to bebel. Bebel, bebel and bebel aje.

Actually before this she used to bebel alot also, but the fact is I was at 'the other side' so it wasn't so loud. Now I'm back to 'this side' and its become almost market place like. Aduh!!

Bebel quietly takpe jugak, ni bebel until the whole world can hear her. Even if your on the other side. And sometimes it makes it difficult to concentrate when your doing something. Or is it menopausal makciks are like that? Hrmmmm

Pastu dah la my nose is very sensitive these 2 days cos I think my throat is acting up, i.e. read - on the verge of sore throat/flu, but fingers crossed - i think i'm strong enough to fight it away. Back to the main story - cos my nose is now sensitive, the smell of ciggy smoke is ultra-strong. Aiyo, tak tahan la...And somehow last 2 days people seem to want to smoke everywhere. arrrrgh!!

And I 'learnt' something new. When someone calls asking u for money u owe them, i.e. not ah longs la, but your suppliers; you look for some faults in their paperwork or accounting and then scold them back. Then eventually...ends up like they were at fault. hahaha

whatever la...i'm bored and I keep hearing people membebel...tak tahan...wanna balik laaaaa

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