Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Banks etc

Eh, I know of bank closing down its branches cos it has too many already all over the place, but come on la, the popular one also you close down ka?

Aiyo...and at desperate times, when you really wanted to go to THAT particular branch, you arrive and realised that it no longer exists! OMG!! That's the worst! Even the signage have been taken down! Gosh...

I guess after 60 days of maternity leave, and 60 days on, I haven't really gone to many places yet.

And so deperate measures had to be taken.


And so you look for the next option. And can you believe it? The one and only scan machine is NOT working. OMG!! How annoying can it get??


OKla, sabar, sabar...its a test of my patience...what patience? Early morning some more...


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