Monday, May 11, 2009

Something bout me...

Either age has caught up or something is affecting something or something is not so right or something something la....hahhaa

ok ok...what i'm trying to say is that I noticed a certain degree of declining alertness and response in me. I wonder why. Attentiveness and observance too.

How do I know that?

I used to be -
  • very observant
  • can remember numbers esp car number plates very well (telephone numbers too)
  • very fast at mind games

Now I am -

  • still observant but sometimes not as good as before, I don't remember it so well, I have become selectively observant (got such thing ka?)
  • I still can remember numbers well, but sometimes when it comes to number plates, I get confused, i.e. the alphabet part esp
  • ha, this is where I conclude that I'm now S-L-O-W-E-R....I take longer and am not so efficient at mind games anymore....serious...

And mind you, mind games are key in trying to gauge yourself. I seem to take longer at 'seeing' my next move or trying to plan which move to make.

If it's at night, I blame it on my contact lenses. Seriously it does affect me. Otherwise, it just boils down to something that has happened. Dunno what. BUt this past week, I see some improvement. Not yet back to normal (i.e. before the slowdown was noticed), but generally faster than before.


Fong said...

haha. ngaku tua gak minah ni.....

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