Monday, May 11, 2009

First Flight

I was excited. (I pulak excited, and not the person who's going to go on the plane for the 1st time, hahaha) I didn’t know how AIR would take it, but I hoped that he wouldn’t be the ‘noisy one’ on the plane. The discomfort during take-off and landing due to the air pressure will definitely cause the babies to cry. Actually not only babies, but everyone is affected by this pressure change, but unfortunately babies are not able to do anything about it.

I hoped that he will sleep or nurse or perhaps just not be affected by it at all.

Flight FY2098 was scheduled to take-off at 8pm. It’s quite close to his bedtime. And yes, he was showing signs of being sleepy. I was hoping to nurse him on the plane but he had other plans. He wanted to nurse in the boarding area. SO ok la, no choice. And he finished all that I had!!

So, I expected that he should be satisfied by now and would sleep shortly. Oh no! Unfortunately I also forgot that he didn’t take much milk at the babysitters, hence, thinking that what I gave him was enough, I was totally wrong. He wanted more when we boarded the flight. AIya…so I tried to pacify him with whatever remainder, but no, not enough!

Alamak! He started to cry. By tat time, the plane was taxi-ing to take off and all crew were seated. So daddy had to pacify him. If he sits with the ‘milk-machine’ he will not be pacified unless given milk. Hehe so daddy distracted him and soon, he was silent and we were up. I immediately ‘called for assistance’ and asked for some warm water.

After having his feed, immediately he fell asleep, until we touched down, until we tapau-ed dinner and went home. Placed him in my room but he awoke shortly so now grandpa entertained him..It was his first trip back to Penang, and on a plane.

The pressure change during landing was quite bad. Thank God he was asleep. Otherwise it may not be so pleasant for him.

ON the return journey....things were more or less the same, except that this time we were prepared. Flight was 920, delayed till 940. Bottle fed him before boarding. In the plane, just as we were taxi-ing, he was nursing. And he fell asleep. Ideal! Until we touched sign of waking up, altho he was jerked around alot as I tried to get up from my seat and not move him that much. Until we reached the car, home and on the bed, he was soundly asleep. Guess the weekend adventures must've tired him out really...

He didn't wake up for the feed around midnight. Hmmm only woke up well past 3am and later, at 7plus am again. Think if i didn't wake up, he wouldn't either.

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