Friday, May 15, 2009

DUmpling Part Deux

I am disspointed...I was taken for a ride!!

hmmm is Hainan Chang supposed to be 'lotus leaf rice' or also known as 'lor mai fan'? Ermmmm if u ask me, I've actually not heard of Hainan Chang la...mind my ignorance, cos I no hainan-lang, only Hokkien-lang...keke

ANyway, here's the low-down on the dumpling...

the packing

2 parcels

Actually kan, it looks exactly like the photo on the not cheated la, BUT the fact is, they called it chang. I was prepared for chang, though after buying only I realised that it was wrapped like lor mai fan, but in my excitement, I didn't bother. I hoped that for some reason or other it was not convenient to use bamboo leaves, so they opted for lotus leaf...Unfortunately, when I tasted it, indeed it was lor mai fan...oklar, so my search for halal bak-chang (opps, halal still can say bak?) still futile....maybe...just maybe...mummy wanna make halal chang with me and we sell? kekekeke

Now I miss mummy's lor mai kai pulak...keke halal one easiliy found, but just that taste not so satisfying...:P

So this dumpling has got boneless chicken meat (generous amount), dried shrimps, black mushroom and salted egg yolk. So if it were the genuine chang, i think it does have what it should, only thing is the taste of the pulut rice is different, erm and also i think chang doesn't have the dried shrimps..(can't remember already, cos so long didn't eat chang)

So, the hunt goes on....kekeke


Fong said...

chang & lormaikai doesnt taste the same meh? i also long time din eat already....

Anonymous said...

mummy..u're very lucky wor..both oso pernah rasa..i mean bak & really can taste the different kan :p

reitak said...

Ah Fong ah...erm, no lar, though ingredients abt the same, they taste slightly diff...kekeke

FL: keke ah ha, I suppose so...:)