Monday, May 18, 2009


Pack, unpack, entertain, feed, put baby to sleep, arrange...pack, unpack....etc etc etc

oooh it was really tiring...hahaha considering the fact that lack of sleep partly attributed to it as well.

My intention of taking AIR for a dip in the pool didn't materialise cos the lil' fella was down with a slight fever after his 2nd DTP jab. I wasn't expecting this cos he went thru the 1st jab with no problems...neways, many more chances for him later.

Although down with fever, he was rather hyper. Partly also because it was abit noisy, i.e. drilling, cutting and more drilling in the kitchen. Skejap2 he terkejut abit..poor fella...after 630pm, all silent again, but still he didn't sleep for long. Only about 8pm plus did he rest well...It must've been rather stressful for the poor boy. Kesian...

Sunday was about the same, but this time, no noise. He finally got the longest ever nap I've witnessed before - almost 3 hours...Daddy & Baby zonked out, Mummy busy watching TV, trying to keep awake. By the time Mummy decides to zonk together, baby decided to wake up. Hmmmm plans cancelled la...:P

Still tired....what a weekend...I dare not think bout this coming weekend!!

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Fong said...

congrats on moving!!! bb nyer mmg pandai pilih time...