Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hot Air Balloon ride

HOt air balloon on the loose
The loud noise from the firing of the balloon alerted me, and when I got to the balcony I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.
However, it was not on the loose, though...it was 'tied' to the groud and actually it was part of the developer of that housing area (Hijauan Residence) 's gimmick to entice prospective buyers or visitors to that area. Unfortunately, all morning (it was until 11am only) there didn't seem to be many people or ANY people for that matter at that area, except for those involved. I thought of popping by, but by the time we went out it was noon already and it was no whee in sight anymore. WHen we passed by the banner, only did I realise it was till 11am. Aiya...wasted...wait for next weekend's gimmick, but I think no more hot air balloon, it's gonna be free chinese dumpling (yup, bak chang ). Now I wonder if they serve the halal ones...:)

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Fong said...

cool.. mcm gambo celok dari internet jer? bakchang? how to celebrate? hmm..