Monday, May 25, 2009

Tri I Shall Try

I'm excited.

Although I won't be running the Std Chartered KL Marathon, nor join the Xterra in Kuantan, or the Malakoff Pg Run (initially I could make it, but now not anymore), I am excited because I've found that the gym and pool are open till 9pm. Though I'd wish that it stays open till later. So, now I can swim (I can still fit into all my gear ok...) laps after AIR has gone to bed and I shall and will feel better.

It's not fun when you've actually got back to an even slimmer -than-prenatal figure, postnatal, but then you've put on some unwanted flab around the tummy. Yup, 3 months postnatal and I've been eating alot, so 4.5months on, it's showing. No thanks to snacking and a craving for really sweet stuff. Arrrgh...

So now it's a battle to get in shape and get my stamina back at the same time. Perhaps PD tri (if it's not cancelled) is possible?

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Fong said...

PD Tri : see u in action