Monday, May 11, 2009

Confessions of an ex-Shopaholic

No, I'm wouldn't say I'm I shopaholic. Definition - A slang term for oniomania, or compulsive shopping.

Sometimes it does happen - compulsive shopping, i mean. USually I shop with a mission. I don't really enjoy window shopping. Besides, window shopping is dangerous. Suddenly I see something I like and want to get it. What happens if its way off budget at that point of time? If I really like it, I'd really want to buy it, so that's why I say it's dangerous. Terrible. Then i'll spend unnecessarily. And so that's how debt gets accumulated. :p

I'm now very concious about this. What with having a baby and then the economic situation...its not going to be easy for a person with already heavy commitments financially.

Frankly, I think I could be classified as ex-shopaholic. compulsive buying would've been my middle name. Long time ago, probly not long after I started working. Not now, not when i decided that the moolah is important for me and my trainings, and my travelling to my races (which I don't seem to win). THerefore the shopping is more controlled and is only when necessary.

I used to be able to window shop and then see an outfit and then just buy cos its cheap. I end up with tons of clothes only worn a few times and some have also gone out of fashion without being worn. can u imagine? Sadla. Not now. I'm glad I've wisen up. hahaha

NOw money is spent wisely. Priority is given to baby. Things have really changed.

ONe of the many changes in me.

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