Friday, May 22, 2009

Let's Move It, MOve it, Move it...

It’s amazing! One day I was thinking ‘its never going to get done’ and the next moment we were pushing the date forward a day earlier.


HAaa, I’m referring to the fact that we were supposed to move! Yes, move tomorrow. But somehow we have moved!! Hehehe it happened today, and all when I was at work.

Yesterday as I approached our car park, I noticed the SYABAS water tanker outside the surau. Bad thoughts already creped into my mind. Then as I reached the carpark, hubby called.

‘Where are you? When you get home, please wash up fast, clear everything necessary or wash everything that u need to fast.’

‘Why?, no water?’

‘Yup, the guy downstairs even told me to store water. The tanker is downstairs’

‘And I presume this will be for a while, right?’

‘yala, the management didn’t pay them the outstanding yet.’

Ah ha, there you have it. And its happening again in less than one month. And so, with the water cut (our water is via the bulk meter, i.e. once cut, all affected, not individual meter like for landed property), in less than 2 hours later, we were ‘dry’. As we were packing, the idea of moving immediately crossed our minds.

‘Why not we move tomorrow instead of Saturday?’

‘Can... Confirm ka? If confirm, then I’ll call the mover to check lorry availability. OK?’

‘OK’ and so Friday, May 22, 2009 it was.

But, the nursery (the next block) still had water and apparently was to be cut at 10am today only. Neways, the poly-tanks have yet to be set up at every block except in front of the surau. So I think people will be water-less for some time...again...

Oh well..I’m now thinking of the inviting pool at the new place…. Care for a dip?


Fong said...

haha... crazy ppl.. moving rite after work...cgts on your new house.. erm.. u no need to check fengsui?

Yan said...

hye.. nice blog..

reitak said...

Fong: it's a good workout!! kekeke alaaa fengsui2 I dun believe, as long as I arrange as I tink it's ok and the basic dos and don'ts I think dah ok laaaa...

Yan: Thanks...I like yours too... jap2 lagi I nk add nih..bleh? :D