Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's 4 months already!

Happy 4 months AIR!

It's been such a joy having you with us! Time flies. Today he showed some apprehensiveness...

The nursery had a new help. For me, it was the first time seeing her also. I thought I went to the wrong house at first. Then I noticed the regular lady was there. So, when I passed AIR over to her, he seemed abit scared. Then when I waved goodbye to him, he turned facing me and looked uneasy. Usually he may or maynot turn, and he will look at the babysitter. He would look relaxed. He had that forlorn look on him as I left. hmmmm :(

Well, at least the other lady is still around. at least I felt reassured too.

This new lady didn't seem so friendly, well, maybe cos she's new also.

All I hope for is that she is just as good and will treat AIR well...and AIR will eventually get used to her...

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Anonymous said...

Happy 4Months B'day AIR !!

Hehe..kena wish everymonth ni :) Wish he will grow up healthily. Actually beza age our baby by a month je kan...but Year buat them so different..