Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pump it Up!

I'm in a dilemma....

I used to pump at work. Now it's become not convenient anymore. Our office used to have two toilet areas. Now it has shut off one block, so the toilet also closed liau. THat toilet area has got plug point. So its easier and faster for me to pump. Now the existing old toilet area only has the toilets. No plug point whatsoever.

Then I went to the meeting room - alamak, also no plug point. HOw can that be? Hmmmm If I use the battery option, its a tad too slow and sometimes not strong enough.

Yesterday I took the keys to the previous toilet. BUt I think its not so nice to do that la, although I pump during lunch time. (sometimes although they say ok, somehow they may not be)

Looks like I've got to resort to not pumping and just wait till I get home a rush to feed baby. But I don't like that tingling feeling, esp if I'm out at site. Today, in anticipation of this, I ensured that AIR took his last feed as late as possible, i.e. right before I sent him to the nursery. So seems like it's still ok la. But the tingling feeling is slowly coming...hehe

Otherwise I'll just have to use the meeting room lor...and use the battery option...hmmmm

BUt I'm glad it's already 4 months I've been bfeeding...I wanna do it as long as I can...so I hope that God will grant my wish and baby will be well-nourished.

ANybody have any ideas to share?

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