Monday, May 4, 2009

Eat & eat & eat

Alot of makan2 over the weekend.

First it was a Chinese Halal restaurant in Taipan. It's been there for donkey's years but I've not tried it. Not appealing from the outlook of the restaurant. But when I tasted the food - yummy!! Or is it because it's been ages since I've had that type of food? NOt sure, both I suppose. hahaha
Then the next day I manage to grab some donuts at Krispy Kreme. A tad too sweet for my tastebuds, but I liked its dough. Yes, my first KK donut in M'sia. Yummy...Mum thought it was too sweet too, though she too liked its dough. hmmm perhaps another trip soon for some KK donuts.

KK's Hershey's Dark Choc

The next day I decided to take mum out for an early MOther's Day and Birthday treat. Hi-tea at Crowne PLaza Hotel. Yup, Hi-tea for us started at 12 noon (when the opened) and it was just us for almost an hour. The whole PLanter's Inn to ourselves. Selection of food - not bad. THere was Chinese - chicken & duck rice, some dimsum - steamed and fried, though the fried only had 1 type, changes when it goes out of stock; Japanese - sushi selection pretty pathetic but the tempura was not bad, tepanyaki quite good Local - laksa johor, tomyam or was it curry noodles (I didn't take either that's why couldn't remember), yong tau foo - quite a wide array but I didn't have any; Salad selection was unique; the usual mains - fried rice, pasta (not bad), potato wedges, mixed vege, satay - lamb (yummy yummy), chicken and beef, grilled beef and chicken (not too yummy), porridge (chicken), soup, carved meat - beef and chicken kebab (it had some glamourous name I can't rmember). Fruits - usual selection, but the sweets were yummy - choc mousse, pudding, cakes brownie, waffle, ice cream, ice kacang, bread & butter pudding and our local hot dessert - think it was bubur kacang hijau and a variety of malay kuihs. Mum mistakenly (cos they didn't put tags/lables on the desserts) took the pulut with tempoyak (fermented durian) and even I couldn't help her with it.

(photos to be uploaded later...erm only 1 photo actually) -done

My almost empty plate

from top - tepanyaki seafood, tandoori chichken, jumbo sausage, lamb satay, smoked salmon wrapped in crepe

AFter filling up to the max, for the first time, I had to 'return some' first experience. I guess my tummy is not use to food bingeing anymore...

THEN, we went to the NIKE warehouse sale. It was a dissapointment. Either is because it was already on its 2nd last day, or it was meant to be like that. Prices weren't extremely 'warehouse-like' there were things I could've gotten at cheaper price at some of its outlets. Funny eh? But I ended up buying 1 pair of shoes for mum and a pair of pants for myself.

IT was a HOT-experience...yeah, hot place on a hot day with only those industrial fans available..poor AIR was sooo sticky at the end of it. Thank God he didn't make noise...except when it was time for nenen...:)

Queen's Park - heard of, never been there till that NIKE warehouse sale day. WEnt to the Esprit Outlet and loved the stuff there...but since it was sooo hot and AIR wasn't in the mood anymore, I decided against buying anything...kekeke...good way to save some moolah! Next time I want new work attire, I'll go there. Previously the other Outlet I knew of was in Maju Junction.

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