Thursday, May 21, 2009

Water Malaysia 2009

this is what was on my table

one of the last few sessions

Last two days, I was here….I enjoyed myself. Broke the monotony in the office and ‘exposed’ myself to the industry’s latest and the people. However, I was soo busy and tied up with the conference I didn’t have time to visit the exhibition. Sadly…today my attempt to just visit the exhibition failed miserably…

So I’m stuck in the office...trying to be busy..trying to look busy…J

SO on 19/5, the conference started. It went not-so-well..I was nervous. It’s been ages I spoke to a large group of people and this 1st session in the morning saw the hall FULL!! Alamaks! Pastu, ada pulak people I knew…people I least expected to bump into, people from the plant..hehe nevermindla. Those top top VIPs okla, already expected them to be there…

Anyway, all went well thank God…but 1st day lunch – sucked BIG time…so plain…only the dessert was superb – couldn’t get enough of the blueberry cheesecake. 2nd day though, we had lots to eat…nice, yummy, there was smoked salmon and I blasah so much..hehe I was too embarrassed to take a photo of my plate…and the bread&butter pudding n cheesecake again were superb.

My new friends found it strange that I didn’t take any rice. Yalah, whenever I have the opportunity to skip rice, I will. Besides, there were soo many dishes to fill my tummy, why waste it with rice? Everyday also mixed rice if in office…I’m not a rice person. I prefer other things...

2nd day at the conference, more havoc as many presenters haven't given us their presentations, but somehow, like a pro we were calm. I guess this time two peopler to a 'Stream' is better. The previous one was only one person to each 'stream' and when you're faced with people not cooperating, its quite difficult. Especially when time is a constraint.

Anyway, all went well, tummy filled and I'm looking forward to participating and helping out in another.

today - its back to pondering whats's in store for lunch and what's gonna happen over the weekend. Am excited. though I'm not in the best of mood today!

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Fong said...

conference water or food? cam food jer??