Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Thank God AIR didn't suffer from constipation. After his 1st solid intake, on the 2nd day only he passed motion. We were already worried and on standby with medication. W

So looks like he's back to his morning routine. Yipee!

I still remember when he was amonth plus, when we introduced formula milk to him. My mum got so worried when he didn't pass motion. At that time, I wasn't worried. SHe was on the assumption that babies have to do it everyday and so when he didn't, she got really worked up. Luckily she's not around this time when we gave him solids. Babies do not have to pass motion everyday.

Mum's coming back from her holiday soon and I'm sure she's excited to see her cucu...and share all the stories bout his first attempts. Too bad we won't be travelling back with you, mummy...

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Anonymous said...

haha..sajela tu nak simpan2 kasi banyak sket..hihi..