Monday, May 11, 2009

MOther's Day weekend

Mum has gone on holiday. So her celebration was earlier....

Weekend - rushed. Didn't have time for anything. We were too tired at the end of each day.

Stuck in Alor Star GH almost the whole day, both on Sat and Sun. Sun we were smarter - took AIR and sat in the baby room where it was much more cosy, cool and nice. (Realised that small-town people do not really know how to utilise this special place. hehehe I suppose they are used to changing babies in the toilet though its without the proper facilities) Spent Sat sitting in the warm waiting area of the Operating Theatre. Otherwise no where else to wait. Lousy la. Hospital so big, so spacious, no proper seats for people to sit and wait outside the special wards.

Visiting hours - 1230 - 2pm, 430 - 7pm. In between, people sit and wait outside.

Hospital cafeteria - fortunately good. OKla, its new so still clean and nice and got good variety of food.

Hospital itself is huge. And new. Otherwise, it's just another gov hosp. What else can go wrong?

Alot of to-and-fros over the weekend. Finally another tired weekend gone. Another to come...

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