Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Of Guillian-Barre Syndrome & Alpha Lipid

I learnt something new yesterday.

Gullian-Barre Syndrome. An autoimmune disorder affecting the peripheral nervous sytem, usually triggered by an accute infectious process. It is frequently severe and usually exhibits as an ascending paralysis noted by weakness and/or tingling sensations in the legs that spreads to the upper limbs and the face with complete loss of deep tendon reflexes. Fortunately, with prompt treatment by plasmapheresis or intravenous immunoglobulins and supportive care, majority of patients will regain full functional capacity.

And there is this so-called miracle drink called alpha lipid. Apprently it heals/cures many types of illnesses, including cancers and the one thing that helps is that it contains a very high grade of colostrum. There are many testimonies online and it seems as though this is the new miracle cure...even for complexion, increasing metabolic rate, stroke, heart problems...etc etc...Google this and read about it.

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