Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I think the Chang season is here...right? opps I've lost track of the Chinese month when the Chinese would make these dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves. (Oh yes, I checked and its supposed to be 28th May 2009, i.e. it falls on the 6th day of the 5th lunar month...macam terror...:P)

When my late Grandma (Ah Ma) was still around, and when most of her grandchildren were still in Penang, and she was still in the pink of health, she would make these every year. Well, at that point of time I think I was still quite young. Perhaps up till i was in secondary school...or was in when I was in college she was still making it? can't remember la, old liau...:)

There were many varients - Hokkien, Assorted Bean, Nyonya (this is also known as the salty chang), and then there was the sweet-ish one (I don't remember what its called), then there's the kngee-chang, the small yellow ones, no fillings and eaten with the gula melaka. Ah Ma will make all the types, and I usually love the Hokkien and the kngee chang. Mum would take a whole lot back home and I will have it for breakfast for a few days. Dad likes the assorted bean and nyonya while mum can never get enough of the kngee chang.

Well, looks like its been ages since I last had chang.

When I started working, it's usually the commercial ones that I buy and eat. Once in a while, friends or family friends would give some. Sometime office colleagues would bring some from home. Recently (i.e. past 1-2 yrs), I haven't really thought about it.

Suddenly, last few days, I was thinking about it. And somehow, yesterday when I was browsing the frozen food section, I chanced upon a halal chang. Comes in a pack of two and I was thrilled. No price tag to be seen, and I didn't bother to check. Just grabbed it and left. Hahaha...craving, no, I've not tasted it yet though. Looks yummy though.

The other day I had the lotus leaf glutinous rice - the dimsum type, when I took mum out for the early Mother's Day buffet. That was not too shabby either. I wonder what's with me - been looking for glutinous rice-based food recently....hmmmm not too good for the waistline or the health!!

So let's see what happens tonight....


oli said...
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oli said...

where u bought the halal chang?