Thursday, May 28, 2009


I finally DID it! Yahoooooo!!

I discovered that I still remembered how to free-style properly. Smooth and correct strokes. At this point of time, the strength in the pull is immaterial. So I pulled and kicked and at some point I did some drills, and I survived 30minutes with not too shabby performance, for a first time in more than 1 year.

I didn’t push it…just at normal pace…but I noticed that my pace/strength significantly dropped when I reached lap 15. (yela, after more than a year not swimming, more than a year no strenuous cardio exercises what!) Neways, I’m happy!

So (thinking aloud) in about 2 weeks, if I do it daily, I think clocking in 30laps within my pre-stoppage time shouldn’t be a problem. Well….we’ll see. Now, it’s a matter of making it a consistent affair. Soon, the pakcik at the clubhouse will recognize me. Today was my 3rd time there and he already recognized me. Soon he’ll be so fed up seeing me appearing either sooo early or sooo late. Hahaha if only they open at 7am…

And now I’m abit tired. This is coupled with the lack of sleep since we moved…so its almost 4 days la. Though tired, there’s a nice ‘tired feeling’ running through my body and I like it. Hope I can get a good night’s sleep like last night (but last night only bout 4+hrs rest, but good rest la). AIR was doing good last night.

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Fong said...

yeay.. u getting the rhythem bck.. hehe, pd tri, here U come!!! =) daftar dlu, jd x jd lain citer