Monday, May 25, 2009

When it turns bad

Mr A and Mr B used to be very close friends. They visit each other and have family gatherings together very often.

Mr A and Mr B have been working under the same roof for quite sometime too. Well, a couple of years to be exact. In the office, Mrs A is also there. Mrs A and Mr B always exchanges stories or sometimes even items/food for their family.

Somehow lately, it is noticeable that Mr A and Mr B are not so close anymore. Mrs A who used to gossip a lot with Mr B somehow seems cold towards him. Mrs A now is often heard bad-mouthing Mr B. Why? Its strange that for some reason or other these two close family friends are now no longer close friends. (well, to the 3rd party, it looks as though la) Somehow even Mr A and Mr B don’t seem to talk to each other so often anymore. Gone were the days when Mr B used to sit in Mr A’s room and puff a ciggie or two (well, it’s the only place aside from the toilet that you’re allowed to smoke in this office), and chat or discuss till the cows come home.
It’s seen that Mr B will always be out of the office. Mrs B has taken to Mr C now. She’s found another BFF (for now). She’s now seen gossiping with Mr C more often than not.

Funny…how this scenario is. Both Mr A and B are top management people and now the rift has occurred. It makes you wonder what made things turn sour.

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Fong said...

A-Z gossips in your office? haha... biase aa tu...