Monday, May 25, 2009


It's been delayed for almost 2 weeks - I wanted to introduce solids to AIR 2 weeks ago, but we've been very busy and alot of moving around so it finally happened only at 4months 9 days.

He didn't mind the watery version but the thicker version - he thinks its too slow...its funny how he kept crying for the next spoonful when I on the other hand was waiting for him to swallow it before the next spoonful.

THen, throughout the whole day, he seems to be getting hungry fast, as opposed to the fact that now he's given solids, it should last longer. I added approx 1 tablespoon only to his milk.

After that, I was hoping that he would not have problem passing motion. Unfortunately, I think he is having some problems. His routine morning 'nnnnngk' session happened the next day, but nothing came out. So I was abit worried. And today, 2 days already, he hasn't passed motion. Aiyo...poor fella. he did try, but nothing came out. So we've got him some medication and we'll see what happens.

FOr now, it's going to be a weekend-only affair, for perhaps 1-2 more weeks...till i increase the quantity and/or frequency.

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