Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Morning conversations

In the lift

Lady A: Eh, tadi u yang tengah jog kan?
Lady B : Errr, ya..napa?
Lady A: Laju nyer..tadi akak nampak kat block A tadi...
Lady B: *smilling* Oh yeke? takder la...camtu je...

Padahal the total jog was barely 20mins, in the semi-darkness of morning between 630-7am. From Block A to Block D must be bout 400m or 500m max, but uphill all the way. Fast? guess not - there were faster times before. Wanted to tapau nasi lemak for mum, but the stall was just going to set up when Lady B was around the vicinity of Block A. Downstream of Block A were parked cars and trees and 2nd degree forrest on one side, hence Lady B didn't proceed any further in the semi-darkness, but ran uphill again. It was an uphill battle literally. Must be the lack of sleep.

In the bedroom, 1.5hrs earlier

Baby A: goooooooooo
Baby B: googoogaagaa geegee?
Baby A: goooooo huuuu gooooo ahhhh
Baby B: googoogaagaa....want milk or not?
Baby A: huuu huuu haaa goooo greeee
Baby B: nah, milk.....*pause* dunwant?
Baby A: *yawn*
Baby B: sleep la...go to sleep *started to pat baby A in the hope that baby A would sleep*
Baby A: huuu huuu haaa goooo greeee

and it went on and on and on for a good 30 minutes from 5am....until Baby A decided he wanted some more beauty sleep...

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Fong said...

who is baby A & who baby B? U ke baby tu?