Monday, May 11, 2009

Airport and What Nots

It's been ages since I went to SUbang Terminal 3. THe last was probly when I went there to do some tiketing stuff with Air Asia. Something I couldn't do online nor via the tele-centres. Can't remember what.

Now its being renovated. Gosh, the interior is so nice now. Grand I may say. I like it. REally nice la. Hmmm some more got donuts...yumyum hehe
So this time we're flying, but its Firelfy! somehow, upon boarding the plane, I liked it. More than Air Asia. DUnno. The interior was just nice. Aiya, you know la, it's the feeling you get, but dunno how to explain. Though its a smaller plane, 4 seats per row, i.e. 2 each side and narrower, somehow its just seems ok. Erm, they served us a pack of biscuits and a cup of juice. On a 45minute flight, this plane takes 1 hour instead. But its nice. I like.

When was the last time planes had their logo on their seat belt? Erm, my last trip on the plane was...perhaps 2 year's ago. Not on MAS, neither AA has this. NOt that I remember...I thought this was pretty cool. Call me 'jakun' if u must. hahaha I only noticed this on the return trip. On the way there, I was too busy trying to calm AIR and bfeed him and oh well...getting used to the environment.

Then it occured to me, travelling with a small child/baby is not easy. Cos the other baby pooped on the flight and boy it was a hassle trying to change her. PLus the fact that it 'leaked' and even got her dad. Thank God AIR has his predictible routine, though sometimes abit haywire.

Penang Airport also changed abit. NOt much, only on the public area. Inside, at the boarding & waiting area, its still the same the last time I stepped in. 2 years' back...approx..

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