Friday, May 15, 2009

Free Seats

It's been sometime since I went into Air Asia's website. So today, after like 2 days reading the advert for free seats availability, I decided to kill some time.

Noticed the summary page that from Jan 2010 to Apr 2010 there were still available free seats. So i started with Jan. Randomly picking my dates and duration. Aiyo, after 4-5 tries, I still din get any 'free seats'...all I got were 'Economy' or 'Economy Promo' hahaha Weekdays or weekends also the same. At least last time, perhaps once out of the many tries, I'll hit one way with free seats. No luck this time. Perhaps I'll be kiasu and try again tomoro.

Maybe the economic situation has made everyone rush for the free seats, or perhaps the allocation is less now...aiya, nevermind, not really bothered...but will try. If I do get it, then i'll go...:)

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