Thursday, May 21, 2009


2 days' ago, AIR was crying non-stop again, but since it was still early, I decided to take him to the clinic. he wasn't having colic/wind cos the tummy 'sounded' fine. BUt he just kept crying so i suspected maybe its just tummy ache. i reached the main road of the clinic, I saw that the clinic had closed for the night. its only 845pm, and it's supposed to be open till 9pm. aiyo...abit angry, I decided to park at the side for a while cos AIR has momentarily kept quiet. I think he was tired of crying. Barely 30s later, he was asleep. I didn't want to immediately take him to another clinic. I wanted him if possible to see the same paed. so now that he's asleep, homeward bound la.

We concluded that AIR missed his daddy. ITs been almost 2 weeks since Daddy haven't fetched him from the nursery. He probly misses the playtime with daddy.

And yesterday, AIR had his first exposure to the playground. Yup, the playground at our place not crowded and weather was fine, so Daddy conlcuded that it was ok to take him there for a while en-route back home from the nursey. I was told he had fun...he even joined in the chaos of another group of under 5-6s playing footie. I can imagine...I'm sure he'll want more of it now!! And sure enough, last night he was tired..Daddy took him on the swing and see-saw and he was thrilled... nice...

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