Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nasi Kandar

The famed ‘Nasi Kandar Pelita’ is I think now overrated. Seriously.

Tak sedap langsung, if u ask me.

OK, the first time I had it, I thought it was so-so la…that was maybe almost a year plus back. Then I ate there a couple more times and those were also sometime early last year. And today, I had it again after so long and I really think they are surviving either because of it’s namesake or perhaps the people in SS15 in Subang have lowered their standards in Nasi Kandar (NK).

The core item in any NK shop/stall would be its curry, esp the fish curry. Alamak, it was such a disappointment today. Seriously, if I wasn’t with another person, or if my friend wasn’t paying for my lunch, I’d have re-ordered. I had rice+fried fish roe+vege topped with fish curry la. Aiyo, fish roe pun tak best. It was dough-coated and fried, unlike how its usually done in other NK shops or banana leaf rice shops – plain fried, and slit, so it’ll expand like a flower (sort of la, dunno how to describe). And it was also tasteless.

Forgot – teh tarik pun hampeh!

Not worth any photo…This will be my last time patronizing this place. If I want NK again, I’ll go elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

so far mamak yg i paling satisfied NK Kampung Baiduri kat PJ..dah lama gak xmkn situ..but kalo pegi mmg wajib pkena nasi beriyani..if xsilap JJCM pun pernah buat review kt situ..

oli said...

re : nampaknya kita kena buat sendiri laaa....jom! tahun depan kita buat!!!