Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Looks like AIR maybe showing signs of teething.

He didn’t sleep really well last night and his cries were different. He wasn’t hungry and when i tried to give him milk, after a few sucks, he will stop. And so I decided to search and read about it. These have been going on for many nights already. Almost a week, thinking back. I attributed his disturbed sleep to the heat and also his stuffed nose earlier. Now that his stuffed nose is gone, it may just be early signs of teething.

Let’s see….
  • baby has become more fussy and clingy and cries more at night - check
  • dribbling alot - check
  • urge to bite to try to ease the pain, so they've started chewing on their fingers and anything else they can get hold of - check
  • flushed cheeks - check
  • temperature slightly raised (but not above 39degC, which indicates a fever) - not so sure
  • gums are swollen and red - haven't seen
  • demand the breast more - check
  • or may reject the breast because their gums hurt
  • poor appetite - check
  • not sleeping well - check

8 out of 10..hmmm possibly true. Will have to 'investigate and pay close attention to him to see if its true.

*facts extracted from dumex

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